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Text Marketing

Text campaigns offer a cost- and time-efficient way to communicate with your customers, prospects, membership, partners and/or staff. With our text marketing application, you can manage and send text messages instantly to large groups or individuals via any Internet connection - anytime, anywhere. No hardware, software or training required.

With the viral nature of text marketing, your mobile database will grow organically with each use as good campaigns are passed on to other friends. This is why most companies enjoy 25-40% average uplift with their text marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the many ways the THINK Text Marketing Tool can help increase your business
On-the-Spot Promotions:
Having a slow day? Why not offer an instant promotion to fill in the footfall during unexpected off peak times or when cancellations occur.
Loyalty Programme:
Use text messaging offers as an inexpensive and easy way to reward your key customers: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - anything which might trigger purchase.
"Just In" Promotions:
Does your company having a waiting list for new or re-ordered stock? "Just In" promotions can be texted to notify your anxiously awaiting customers
Specials, Contests and Price Off Promotions:
Need to move merchandise? Or you can test an offer (or multiple offers) to your mobile database first before committing it to a larger audience in print.
The Paper Alternative:
Avoid costly mailings and leaflet drops - save time, cost and trees by getting the word out electronically.
Appointment / Event Reminders:
The revenue loss from missed or late appointments can be staggering. Through our web-based dashboard, you can send multiple appointment/reservation reminders quickly and easily (ideal for restaurants, bars, salons, dentists, doctors, garages).


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* Minimum contract period 6 months. Personalised sender ID and Secure Login included in base plan. Prices exclude VAT.